We allow other IT Companies to be partners in Assel Solutions and hire full-time IT Resources at low cost; hence get their projects developed at low cost. We allow them to track their own resources and projects through our Project Management System and keep transparency in business. Some who have few projects in hands but don’t want to invest in setting up infrastructure and hiring resources, etc., our Partnership Program help them get their projects developed at their own company.

Partners in Assel Solutions awarded by following benefits from us:

Lower Cost: It’s time-proven now that India has best IT Experts and currency difference with other developed countries make the one of the strongest motivators for outsourcing. When you Hire Developers from us, it may be 1/4th time cheaper than your country.

Higher Productivity: While your business has one less item to worry about the productivity gets a boost-up as a result of more time invested in direct business chain and less money spent on the IT. You outsource the IT to someone whose business is IT, the core competence. This gives you more time to think about what you do the best – your business!

Access to Right Skills: When you start projects from your developers in particular technology, and after that project, you saw that future project required developers of some other technology. It’s not a good idea of business and easy process to fire old developers and hire new developers for new projects. At Assel Solutions, we make it possible to select resources only for project basis i.e. they will be your
until your project is running, for new projects, you can hire new developers. You have access to large skills resources without paying them at all.

Improved Quality: Almost all IT houses will have their own quality systems which mean all your IT applications are well documented, quality-assured and often audited for adherence to right development processes. Research shows that most in-house IT developments are ad-hoc and based on need-based immediacy therefore lacking terribly in proper documentation and support manuals. With Assel Solutions, our Project Management
allows our Partners to have all the documents at one place and internal message board ensure best technical communication with developers.

Quicker Time-to-Market: An outsourcing partner reduces your overhead in terms of appointing right staff, training them and then developing what your business needs. You get ready access to a huge pool of talented staff at a reduced cost, ready to start working on your technology requirements. You reach the market quicker.

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