Assel Solutions provides Zend Framework Development services by its proficient, experienced and dedicated development team.

Zend is an Open source. It is object-oriented web application framework. It implemented in PHP5 and licensed under new BSD License. It offers an MVC view, MVC code generation based on Zend Tool (a component of the Zend Framework). It also offers a code formatter, code completion, parameter assist, and more.

Our Zend Framework Development team develope applications which can run on any PHP stack that accomplishes the technical requirements. Zend Technologies provides a PHP stack, Zend Server (or Zend Server Community Edition), which is advertised to be optimized for running Zend Framework applications.

Zend Framework has the following core features:

  • All components are fully object-oriented PHP5 and completely E_STRICT compliant
  • Extensible MVC implementation supporting designs and by default PHP-based templates.
  • Use-at-will architecture with minimal interdependencies and loosely coupled components
  • Email composition and delivery, retrieval via mbox, Maildir, POP3 and IMAP4
  • Flexible caching sub-system with support for many types of backends, such as memory or a file system
  • Support for various database systems and vendors, including Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MariaDB and Informix Dynamic Server.

Our Zend development team is proficient and experienced in developing the rich Web Applications with the power of PHP development tools. We are focusing on, to develop the powerful, dynamic and robust web applications which are cost-effective and provide high performance.

We are always committed to a very high level Zend Framework Development based applications. Our dedicated development team provide services in Zend development for maximizing the productivity. We improving the performance and more which fulfill the client requirement.

Our Zend Framework Development services are:

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