Window Application Development is a windowing application that assembled with the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC), Client-Server, Event-driven, Multi-processing, WIMP (windows, icon, menu, pointer) GUI, OOP, Component-based, Distributed Computing etc. are now supported, but not initially in MS Windows.

The features of Window Application Development are following:

  • The Windows API can be used in all Windows-based applications.
  • It has robust class library which Microsoft has offered for so many years.
  • Windows application development services encompass the varied windows platforms.
  • It is flexible, robust and secure Windows Application Development.
  • It has best Auto Recovery System.
  • It is Support Backup and archiving.

Assel Solutions has extensive expertise in developing the rich, powerful, user-friendly and effective Windows Application, which works offline. We offer the best quality of Windows Application for delivering to clients at affordable rates. We focus on to enhance your business by deploying the modern Windows Application Development.

We have expertise in Microsoft.NET Framework, .NET 3.5, .NET 2.0, C#, VB.NET, JAVA, XML, Adobe Flex (AIR) and Web Services etc. Along with we are well conversant with ASP.NET WCF, ASP.NET WPF, ASP.NET WWF and database such as Microsoft SQL Server / SQL express, MS Access, Oracle, MySQL,etc.

We provide Development services which includes following:

  • Window based Software Application Development
  • Client-Server Application Development
  • Enterprise Application Development
  • Distributed Application Development
  • Windows Application Migration & testing

We contribute in designing and developing Window Application Development which contains VB.NET Development, C# Development, ASP.NET Development, etc.

Our dedicated developers are also specialist in developing Web Application Development, Custom Application Development, Software Development, portal Development, e-commerce solution, CRM & ERP based software development, Software Maintenance, etc.

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