Hire flex Developer is an excellent service of Assel Solutions that ensures rich internet application development in the field of multimedia implementation.

An idea of hire flex developer is a sure solution of interactive web application, game creation, video streaming applications, animation, “Client-side” Flex programming, statistical data and “Server-side” programming with effective use of PHP, ASP .Net, Java technologies.

Through our hire dedicated flash/flex developers’ service, you can add engaging animations and presentations to your web application to gain unmarked traffic and performance.

We have professional services for hire Flex developer(s) are available at very affordable hiring rates, so you can easily hire Flex developer from us. when you hire Flex developer our professional developers brings with them the best industry experience and expertise in strategic development with large experience.

The clients can Hire Flex Programmer from Assel Solutions for customized Flex Application Development solutions such as develop Rich Internet Applications development, custom animation, Client-side Desktop Application and “Server-side” Flex programming, Content Management System(CMS) development, Website development of Multimedia rich websites, E-commerce website design and development, Flex programming, Developing Flex applications, Security and usability testing, Flex and PHP programming, application interface customization by using pre-defined components, theme/ template integration and customization, etc.

Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, Microsoft Silverlight, and Java Fx are various technologies used for creating rich internet applications. Flex is perfect for highly interactive and expressive applications, which improve user experience and productivity. It supports CSS3 and HTML5 thus adding exciting look and feel to the website development.

Rich internet applications developed into adobe Flex has the cross browser & platform compatibility. Flex is a client side technology that is rendered by flash player. The best part about Flex v4 is that it supports 3D animation. So indulge into as much multimedia effects as you want and have a great experience developing flex 3D animation website.

Assel Solution is the fastest growing web designing and development company. Whether you want to develop an e-commerce portal or other web apps, Flex development services can always get you the desired solution. It also offers development of high-quality video and voice chats using flex technologies.

Why hire Flex developer from Assel Solutions:

  • Assel team of Flex/AIR developer can take care of GUI development. Our Flex developers have proved their competence and expertise in rich internet application development services according to the client‘s needs.
  • Our Flex programmers are proficient in creating interactive and expressive web and desktop applications capitalizing the power of Adobe Flex/Flash/Adobe AIR technologies.
  • Our Flex developers are skilled and experienced enough in developing applications by using Adobe – Flex v4.
  • Flex developer/programmer are capable of independently developing various web development solutions such as CRM & ERP systems, dynamic web pages, audio & video messaging, classical text messaging solutions, and customized services in flex technology.
  • Our programmers have great knowledge of Asp.Net, Ajax, java, Php, etc to provide multimedia solutions for your project.
  • Instead of coding for the application in one big MXML file Flex developers at Assel Solutions uses MVC an easy to code tool for RIA development.
  • We are also providing quality services in database, like MySQL, Oracle, etc. Programmers are efficient with Action Script and MXML (An XML based markupm language for building lay out graphic user interfaces) which is the core language of Flash Player used for controlling user interactivity with server-side scripts.

How Flex Developer Work?

We will assure you following with respect to our working methodology…

  • At least 8 hours a day
  • 5 days a week of working
  • Full, Part-time, Hourly Hiring
  • Communication through E-mail and IM
  • Easy and commented coding style
  • Strict Deadline
  • No hidden cost involved
  • Third party selling rights

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