Assel Solutions providing benefit from highest levels of technology expertise to customers. Our team build business software solutions and products using latest technology. Assel’s software solutions are built on a Core Foundation of Services, Technologies and Components.

We have the following important points for uses the Technology:

  • Our Core Technologies encompass the primary operating systems and platforms, application servers, databases, and development tools.
  • These include commercial third-party products, as well as Assel proprietary technologies and software assets which offering customers improved “time to deploy”.
  • Our technology specialists keep updated with current and future trends, helping us design optimal product development solutions.
  • Our excellent architecture skills and deep understanding of technical issues allow us to design the right architecture that ensures quick, cost-effective and future-safe solutions.

Our Team Members have domain expertise in building Enterprise class Software Solutions using technology from Microsoft.Net, Open Source, Java platforms, Multimedia Designing, Wireless-mobile applications and various Database Tools & Technologies.

We use the following technologies & tools for Application & Web Development:

Microsoft.Net framework is versatile development environment for both Window and Web based applications. The .Net Framework comprises the large libraries and support different kind of programming languages for developing the valuable end-product for the clients.

Open Source is a robust technology which allows user or developer to use or modify source code of any program. Open Source is certification mark issued by the Open Source Initiative (OSI) which indicates that source code of program is freely available for public use.

Java is a general purpose, class-based, object-oriented programming language for implementing the Java based Applications. One of the main characteristics of Java technology is portability, which means application developed by Java language can run on another supported hardware/software platform.

The Database is a collection of information in well organize manner that can easily accessed, managed, and updated. The data can be measured in term of accuracy, availability and usability by the use of Database Management System (DBMS) for access the information.

Mobile Technology is recently highly useful and popular device, by which you can do anything like get latest updates, chatting, email and many more. The Advantages of Mobile Application Development to building the highly creative and efficient Mobile Applications for the smartphones as per client’s need.

A development framework is a software framework that is designed to support the development of dynamic websites, web applications and web services. Choosing the web framework is always one of the most important decisions you will make, and this decision is going to influence most of your future decisions.

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